The Little Soul Club have performed for all types of events, from showcasing product launches such as Christian Louboutin's New Season Collection in Monaco  to Performing on Yachts for private parties and for Corporate Dinners and Events. We can add atmosphere in the background as a duo, get feet tapping as a trio or really bring the party alive as a quartet to make any event memorable. Take a peek at our "Song List" page for our repotoire to give you an idea of what we do.

We are able to perform as:

Duo (Guitar/Vocals)

Trio:  (Guitar/Vocals/Percussion) 

Quartet :(Guitar/Vocals/Percussion/Saxophone)

Each lineup comes with a flexible high quality PA system, which allows us to fill a 200 person room or break down to be small enough to play on a 28 meter yacht to 5 people.

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